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posted by on 18th Apr 2014

I have been writing elsewhere on topics that are similar to those on Brussels Blog so if you read any of these here …

Twitter @GeoffBeacon

I have several pieces on Thanks to guidance of the editor, Chris Titley, I think the writing is rather clearer than usual:

The list of these is updated at YorkMix Author Archives: Geoff Beacon

A Renewal City is an urban development that from the time of its foundation, and throughout its life, creates wealth to sponsor projects that are beneficial to life on Earth.

Mar 2008: A proposal for a renewal city on the Hoo Peninsular

The Green Ration Book

A panel approach to carbon footprints: The aim of the panel is to give guidance on our daily activities with regard to the damage we do to the global environment in relation to what our fair share should be.

May 2006: Green Ration Book: The cost of everyday living.

It’s simple (

A collection of websites about climate and economics

Sep 2009: Its Simple and related websites.

The Treasury Select Committee (written evidence)

Jan 2007:  Memorandum on environmental leadership

Climate Change Questions (

Sep 2009: Construction pollutes

No high buildings (

Oct 2009: Eco-towns aren’t eco

More jobs (

May 1987: Employment creation with very large scale labour subsidies.

Nov 1995: The employment effect of subsidies – a report for the European Commission“.

Auntie Jayne solves you poem

My good friends at RenewalCities have kindly had this new web-site designed for me. It is a showcase of my work as a poetic agony aunt – I answer problems sent to me as poems.

May 2008 : We’ll fly you over burning forests

Centre for cities (my comments)

Jun 2014: The conflict at the heart of the garden city idyll (see comments)

Transition network (my comments)

Mar 2014: BBC: The wrong debate

Treehugger (my comments)

Jul 2014: No magic bullet — study challenges perception that CO2 reduction can be delayed by other actions

AECB (my comments)

Jan 2007: Topic: Operation vs Construction CO2

Feb 2007: Topic: Lower building densities – good for the environment?

Jan 2008: Topic: keeping draughty house warm

Food Climate Research Network (my comments)

Jun 2014: FCRN commentary on Sustainable Food Trust blog on red meat. My comment at the end. See also my

Sep 2014: The role of no-till agriculture in climate change mitigation may be over-stated. My comment “Where’s the budget for proper research?

Arctic Sea Ice Blog (my comments)

Jul 2014: Wildfires not in the CMIP5 Models

Arctic Sea Ice Forum (my comments)

Aug 2014: Local effects of methane emissions

Sep 2014: Comments on the work of David Wasdell

Sep 2014: Comment on “Population: Public enemy No 1”

Oct 2014: Comments on interesting building projects

Oct 2014: Comment on the effect of tree planting

Grist.Org (mycomments)

Sep 2014: Why coal is (still) worse than fracking and cow burps. Pierrehumbert underestimates the dangers of provoking positive climate feedbacks


Jul 2008: Questions for Lord Turner of the Climate Change Committee. I set up this website to report exchanges with the Committee on Climate Change.  Slight tinges of green ink on my part but broadly: I was right they were wrong but I’m still not sure who “they” really were. (My comments)

Jul 2014: What did Adam Smith believe about large international companies? (My comments)

Jul 2014: Question about Foster and Rahmsdorf on That ‘no warming since 1998’ bollocks meme (My comments)

Aug 2014:  Comment 84: Some of us see the bleedin’ obvious

Huffington post (My comments)

Oct 2014: the Physics-Politics-Gap

Labour List (My comments)

Nov 2014:  Labour consider selling off central London buildings to help pay off debts

The Guardian (My comments)

Dec 2014: Cutting carbon pollution is the key to curbing global warming

Carbusters (My comments)

Dec 2014: Keep the European night trains

Disqus (My comments)

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