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Car-free estates of wooden prefabs with inbuilt market gardens.

posted by on 16th May 2018

#carfree #PedestrianApartheid

I have a series of posts on looking for solutions to the housing crisis. Solutions should be cheap, friendly and don’t screw the world up. A good solution is car-free estates of wooden prefabs with starter homes for £20,000.

Add market gardens …

to new prefab estates made with modern cross-ply timber…


Could this change the way we live?

I hope so.

Anyway please look at Housing – part 16: Cheap, neighbourly and doesn’t screw the world up. (Especially the section “A new Ministry of Works … & starter homes for £20,000”.)

Also there was a EC study commissioned by Carlo Ripa di Meana which concluded “the car-free city costs between two and five times less”

And remember …

Prefabs are for People

– People liked prefabs

– Multistorey mass housing failed

– The planners didn’t notice

– They will get it wrong again


Hallo Geof Beacon,
Nice to see my photo that I took from the new maisonettes in Clement Close, to be exact from Family Setters, they used to live at number 72 just to the right of our prefab number 70 Clement road. I was born in this prefab in 1948 and actually it was almost the very last prefab to be demolished.

Brian Maisey ( February 20, 2021 at 1:48 pm )

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