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Climate, planning, economy. Tips 1+

posted by on 7th Aug 2022


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#1 Don’t plan “affordable housing” with car parking

Don’t plan “affordable housing” with car parking: The poor can’t afford cars so why make them live next to motorists.

 Motorists lower demand for public transport, local shops and other facilities – so they disappear.
Why make life harder for those without cars?
See where shops have closed …


#2 Cars take too much space

Parked cars need ten times more space than people.

For moving cars it’s hundreds of times more.

Cars threaten people off the streets.

Keep cars out of cities.

Cities are for people.


#3 House of Commons: Cars kill the planet

House of Commons Committee says that –

personal vehicle ownership prevents decarbonisation.

Making a car can exceed a personal carbon budget – worse for an electric one.

Let’s plan for fewer cars to try and save the planet.


#4 Greenbelts screw the poor

Greenbelts screw the poor.

Greenbelts restrict new housing so house prices rise.

In 2021:

The increase in average house value was more than an average salary.

Property owners got richer. The poor got poorer.

Greenbelts screwed the poor.


#5 Reduce industrial agriculture

Industrial agriculture replaces jobs with machines.

Industrial agriculture replaces jobs with chemicals.

Arable soils loose half their organic carbon: Losing fertility fast.

Animal agriculture is one fifth of global GHG emissions.

Plan local market gardens – for jobs, health and climate.


#6 Planners: Your plans enrich the affluent

Planners, confess that your plans mean

– housing enriches the affluent, even in the pandemic.
– the poor pay more rent.

Your plans do it.

@RTPIplanners. Be brave. Confess.


#7 Don’t trust UK government on climate

Business Department’s doesn’t count emissions from
– air travel
– shipping
– imports
Met Office climate models missed important feedbacks.
Methane from permafrost now kicking in.


#8 Create visions of low carbon living

Since 1990 a billion people now out of poverty

Lord O’Neil noted most are in China

– more cars, more tall buildings & more emissions

Needed: visions of living without cars or tall buildings

– to lead the world


#9 Planners should map wealth & inequality

In the year to January 2022:
1.The Consumer Price Index rose 5.5%
2.The price of an average house rose by 11.4%
House owners 5.9% wealthier, renters 5.5% poorer.
If caring for citizens, planners should map the changes.


#10 Encourage neighbourliness

Encourage neighbourliness:

• multi-use parks, with playgrounds & cafes
• local shops, libraries, youth clubs & sports facilities
• pedestrians before cars


Young Foundation: Understanding neighbourliness and belonging
Festinger: Social Pressures in Informal Groups

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