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Climate, planning, economy. Tips 21+

posted by on 14th Aug 2022


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#21: High emissions violate planning policy

National Planning Policy Framework incorporates UN 42/187: Don’t trash the climate for other countries.

So York mustn’t plan for new developments with high emissions like Copmanthorpe and Woodthorpe.


#22: Tell us about planning gain.

Plot of land big enough for a house costs about £600.

In York, planning permission increases that value by about £200,000.

Landowners capture the gain.

Who are they?

Tell your politicians. Planning is politics.


#23: Reduce demolition

“Climate Change: MPs say building demolitions must be reduced”


#24: Explain land ownership

York planners:

“Much of York’s housing land is in the control of a small number of commercial house builders. This lack of competition does not incentivise a quick & efficient build out of homes.”

City of York: Planning Policy Housing Delivery Action Plan, December 2021

So, what’s the point a Local Plan?


#25: Let them eat cake.

“Don’t build housing we need food” is overplayed.

More than half UK wheat is fed to animals.

Much food becomes much less food.

OK, it’s soft wheat good for cake not bread.

Let’s eat more cake and muffins.


#26: Be more aware of Climate Change

Climate change is accelerating & demanding “massive changes to the way we live”.

But planners still planning for climate destroying lifestyles (e.g. in the York Local Plan)


#27: Again: Be aware of Climate Change

Follow @ClimateBen


#28: Don’t bet on electric cars.

Remaining carbon budget (for a 1.5C rise in Earth’s temperature) was ~40 tonnes CO2e in 2019.

Now it’s just under 20 tonnes CO2e.

According to Zemo, an electric car gets through this in its lifetime.

Other estimates are much higher.

Don’t bet on electric cars.

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#29: Where are residents with the worst greenhouse emissions?

To know where to find residents with the worst greenhouse emissions use


#30: Be ashamed of what we are doing

To devastate other countries is contrary to the NPPF and UN resolution 42/187.

See South Asia’s Heatwave Is Only the Beginning


Yale Climate: An Indian woman drinks water on March 29, 2022, during a fierce heat wave. (Image credit: UNDP India )

2022 will likely be one of the coolest years Earth will experience in the foreseeable future; much more intense heat waves are in India and Pakistan’s future.

Yale Climate Connections: India and Pakistan’s brutal heat wave poised to resurge

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