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No gas heating

13th October, 2009

In a speech to the Overseas Development Institute in June,  Lord Turner, chair of the Climate Change Committe, said:

…we can pretty much totally decarbonise our electricity generation. UK electricity generation currently puts out approx 550gm of CO2 per KW hour … we believe it’s possible to get to a low of 100g/KW hour by 2030. And 10-20g/ KW hour by 2050.

That’s important not only to take the CO2 out of electricity generation, but once we’ve done that it’s likely we can apply electricity to a wider set of economic activities- largely electrfying the light end of the service transport – cars- and putting electric heating back into our houses, having spent the last 30 years taking it out.

That means removing your gas central heating … and your gas cooker.

Listen to Lord Turner’s speech to the Overseas Development Institute on 03 June 2009 here:  ODI Public Lecture: “UK leading the way: Moving forward in international climate change policy”

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