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Cycling holiday homes (2010)

posted by on 5th Jun 2015

I wrote this note in 2010.
It is being posted here so I don’t lose it.

Cycling holiday homes

Cycling holiday homes is initially aimed at exploiting a niche market – people that enjoy recreational cycling, the countryside and may have an interest in heritage.


The York area is a good location because it has good cycle routes that are part of the national network passing through pleasant areas which are connected to many areas of interest. Places of interest near York on the White Rose Cycle Route, routes 65 and 66 on the national routes, include Benningborough Hall, York Racecourse, the National Rail Museum, York Minster and many other places of historic interest in York City centre itself. York has been designated as a Cycling City from 2008 – 2011 with £3.68m of government funding. Cycling City York ran the second York Festival of Cycling at Rowntree Park recently.


I am chairman of Beacon Dodsworth Limited, a company specialising in demographics and mapping. We have not specifically performed demographic analyses relevant to this project, but we have discussed some simple ideas which may help in locating the target market. This may not be necessary yet but development of the CHH model to other areas requires a careful consideration of the likely clientèle.

Beyond Cycling Holiday Homes – A wider vision

The initial focus must be to see an initial project succeed. There are, of course, many practical tasks: land acquisition, costing, design, planning, marketing, operation etc. However, our initial enquiries, show exciting opportunities, possible within the current planning legislation, which should be considered within a wider but non-party political context.

I have discussed housing and planning issues with ministers from the present and the previous government and made many representations to government. I know that Cycling Holiday Homes is a model that will tick a few of their policy boxes.

Geoff Beacon
15th December 2010

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